The Legislation – Responsible Person

The Responsible Person is a natural or legal person and can according to the legislation be the European manufacturer, the European importer, the distributer or a person established within the EU designated, by written mandate, as the responsible person – the latter is what offers to be.

  • The Responsible Person and its assignments/obligations are described in the European legislation:
  • “In order to establish clear responsibilities, each cosmetic product should be linked to a responsible person established within the Community.”
  • “Only cosmetic products for which a legal or natural person is designated within the Community as ‘responsible person’ shall be placed on the market.”
  • “In order to demonstrate that a cosmetic product complies with Article 3, the responsible person shall, prior to placing a cosmetic product on the market, ensure that the cosmetic product has undergone a safety assessment on the basis of the relevant information and that a cosmetic product safety report is set up in accordance with Annex I.”
  • “For each cosmetic product placed on the market, the responsible person shall ensure compliance with the relevant obligations set out in this Regulation.”
    • These are e.g. ensuring safety and labelling, compliance with good manufacturing practice, keeping the Product Information Files (PIF) on the product, performing the CPNP notification and communicating with the competent authority in the event of serious undesirable effects.

Furthermore the Responsible Person’s name and address will figure on the label of the product.